Bonehead's Gemini Capsule


I'm Unkle Bonehead. A blogger, podcaster, streamer, truck driver, dad, husband and Linux/FOSS enthusiast. I've been on a mission for the last couple of years to be decentralized and attempting to move away from the big tech giants that think should be the gatekeepers to the world.

I'm currently 1/4 host of "Loud & Proud", a 3 hour live show on MSPWaves Sundays 12-3am UTC. The show is meant to be an outlet for people to come and just be who they are and not have to deal with any kind of judgement from others. With that in mind dont show up if you are easily offended by "adult" content. We dont do porn but the convos are always very adult oriented.

I'm also starting a daily podcast called "As the Wheels Roll" that will be my daily commentary and tips about life on the road. As whell as running commentary on being on the Hive social media blockchain.

None of my podcasts are what can be called "technical" because I'm not a technical person. But I love to learn how things work and then do them myself.

I'm just an average 50 yr old male who didn't even graduate high school trying to prove to the world that a bonehead can do it.

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